The power industry in the Philippines is changing rapidly under the Electric Power Industry Reform Act of 2001 (EPIRA) well under way.  One of the EPIRA’s major reforms is the introduction of the Retail Competition and Open Access (RCOA), a regime which allows a Contestable Customer to choose its Retail Electricity Supplier to supply its power at the most competitive cost that satisfies the customer’s specific requirements.

It is widely observed, however, that many of the potential Contestable Customers still lack a clear understanding of what RCOA is about, what are their obligations, and what do  they need to do so that they are fully prepared to avail of its benefits. Indeed, there is a pressing need to strengthen the Contestable Customers’ understanding of the implications when their power supply transpires under the  RCOA regime (and they are weaned as captive customers of their distribution utilities).  Since energy supply is a key cost of any business, customers need to obtain correct information on RCOA to aid them in making informed choices.

AES Philippines is conducting seminars on RCOA. The seminar intends to help the Contestable Customers (industrial and commercial end-users) gain better understanding of RCOA to be able to gainfully participate in and maximize the benefits from RCOA when it is implemented.  Mr. Chrysogonus Herrera, the Marketing Director of AES Philippines, expounds on RCOA with the presentation “The Power of Choice: Retail Open Access in the Electric Power Industry”.

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