SAFE School Project

In line with the Company’s Core Value –“Putting Safety First”, this SAFE School Project  helps provide public school students much-needed classrooms in areas where classes were still held in make-shift stages or even under trees.  This program aids in bridging the wide gap in providing the needed school infrastructure in public schools. Implementing this SAFE School Project is a joint Corporate Social Responsibility Project of AES Philippines in partnership with Casureco II and Sajelco.

This project entails construction of a Maharlika-type Classroom which is 7 x 9 meters. It has restroom facilities, student chairs, teacher’s table, blackboard and wall fans.  It also aims to improve the classroom to student ratio in public schools.

This SAFE School project  is the flagship program of AES Philippines in Education. It aims to  reduce the class size of students per classroom to have conducive place for learning. It also shares AES Philippines Core Values “Putting Safety First” with its host communities and where it has business operations.

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