Environmental, Health and Safety

AES Philippines  puts safety first for its people, contractors and the community.  It strives to conduct all of its work activities in a manner that promotes personal safety, health and well-being.  It is committed to optimize the use of natural resources and maintain a clean environment.

To ensure that these standards are met, the following principles and guidelines have been communicated to all AES Philippines personnel and made available to the public as well as all interested parties:

  • AES Philippines leadership is ultimately responsible for environmental, health and safety (EHS) performance.  While proper day to day safe work practices are everyone’s responsibility, our leaders set EHS-related expectations, monitor EHS performance against these measures, and hold themselves and AES Philippines people and contractors accountable for meeting those expectations.
  • AES Philippines  leadership will provide the appropriate resources, human and material, to ensure that all our people have the means to work safely and its surrounding environment is protected.  They will also ensure that the necessary engineering controls, personnel training, procedures and equipment are provided to mitigate EHS risk.  AES Philippines people shall identify with, understand and comply with all EHS-related governmental regulations, and any other applicable EHS requirements including those required by AES policies, procedures and standards.
  • AES Philippines people shall participate in and adhere to all EHS-related programs and requirements and take ownership in those programs by actively participating in them, including the obligation and right to stop work in case of any imminent danger to human health and the environment.  Violators of the EHS program rules and requirements will not be tolerated and may be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination.
  • AES Philippines  contractors shall adhere to the same EHS standards as the AES Philippines  people.  All AES Philippines Contract Administrators shall ensure that contractors working for AES Philippines  comply with the appropriate EHS performance expectations and/or requirements, or take the appropriate actions if those expectations and requirements are not met.
  • AES Philippines  will continuously strive to improve the operation’s EHS performance.  To accomplish this, it will put into place and implement an Integrated Environmental, Health and Safety Management System (IMS) that sets EHS goals, objectives and targets; commits to preventing injuries and ill-health; commits to optimize the use of natural resources; commits to preventing pollution; measures EHS performance; conducts regular EHS audits or assessments to review compliance with applicable EHS legal and company requirements; abides by the rules and actions set forth by the AES Philippines  EHS Committee and make necessary IMS adjustments as needed, to achieve continual improvement.

This EHS Policy is based on AES Philippines’ commitments to provide a safe workplace and clean environment; where all incidents/accidents can be prevented and that working safely in a pollution-free environment is a condition of employment.  Adherence to these is mandatory for all of our people.

AES Philippines  has established this Environmental, Health and Safety  Policy to inspire all our people to strive for, achieve and maintain a world-class EHS culture.