Job Contracting

For Contractors

1)     All contractors engaging business with AES Philippines – MPPCL shall secure all applicable local business permits such as but not limited to:

a)     Barangay clearance for business permit from the office of the Punong Barangay of Bani, Masinloc, Zambales (as per Brgy. Ordinance No. 2003-05).

b)     Mayor’s permit from the Municipal License, Permit and Franchise Office under the office of the Municipal Mayor of Masinloc, Zambales.

2)     All contractors shall give priority employment to qualified local residents (as stipulated in the Memorandum of Agreement entered into by the Department ofEnergy, National Power Corporation, Power Sector Assets and Liabilities Management Corp. and the host Local Government Units in the Province of Zambales dated 31 January 2005). Therefore, upon issuance of Purchase Order, the contractor shall post a complete job hiring/job order at the Masinloc Municipal and Barangay Bani Public Employment and Services (PESO) offices and shall provide AES Philippines – MPPCL’s Supply Chain Management Unit (SCM) a receiving copy of the job hiring posted. The posting of complete job hiring shall be done at least 15 days prior to the start of work. Contractors shall only hire workers outside of Masinloc, Zambales when there are no qualified individuals or no interested individuals within the locality applying for such positions. All unskilled labor shall be sourced out from Masinloc.

3)     The contractor shall ensure that it only hires the appropriate number of workers and skills required for a certain contract as indicated in the Purchase Order.

4)     The contractor shall ensure that all its workers or employees deployed at the MPPCL plant have clearances from the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) and the Philippine National Police (PNP).

5)     AES Philippines – MPPCL reserves the right to cancel any Purchase Order if the contractor does not comply with any of the provisions set forth in these guidelines.

6)      The contractor shall strictly comply with these guidelines.  MPPCL reserves the right to cancel purchase orders placed with the contractor if the contractor fails to so comply.

For Workers of Contractors/Service Providers

1)     A worker who is a non-Masinloc resident must secure a temporary work permit from the office of the barangay Captain of Bani, Masinloc, Zambales (as per Brgy. Ordinance No. 2008-04).  Accordingly, temporary work permit is valid until six months from the date of issue.

2)     A Masinloc resident who also resides outside Barangay Banimust secure barangay clearance from her/his barangay and is no longer required to secure barangay work permit from the office of the barangay Captain of Bani, Masinloc, Zambales.

3)     All workers must have PNP and/or NBI clearance prior to the start of work.